ACCORN Sales Company Announces Sale On Notary Public Slim Stamps

(PRWEB) February 21, 2015

Notary stamps are an official proof that are used to reduce fraud in the legal papers while administering oaths and certifying to signatures done by the officials. ACCORN Sales Company announces their sale on the different notary public slim stamps, making them available at lower rates for the people.

One of the executives quoted, “We sell and manufacture a wide variety of Notary Public Stamps. There are three types of notary stamps that we offer – Notary Slim Stamps, Self Inking Notary Stamps and Regular Notary Stamps. Our experienced and excellent sales team would assist you with the type of stamp that would be most suitable for you. And we give you these stamps at cost effective rates. The slim design of the notary slim stamps makes it convenient for traveling, while still producing crisp and clear notary seal impressions. You can do everything quickly with one hand.”

ACCORN Sales Company provide a wide variety in the notary slim stamps. These self-inking stamps are virtually noiseless, and available in many ink colors, and can last two or three times longer than any other self-inker on the market. To point a few, there is the Slim Pre-Inked Commission Expiration Stamp and Slim Pre-Inked Stamp Original Commissioned as Notary Stamp, that are pre inked and and work in a Press and Print manner, because of their sleek, compact design that can easily fit in a purse, pocket or briefcase and there is 20% off on them.

The executive further quoted, “We have different ways in which you can order. With customized products, we prefer that you submit these orders online, by fax, or through mail. Ordering online is pretty simple and easy, and with our automated systems this generally has the quickest turnaround for our products.”

ACORN Sales Company offers a great selection of custom stamps, seals, notary stamps online and much more. If someone wants to order notary stamp online then this is the space to look for. They specialize in quality customer services and fast turnaround on orders. They are one of the leaders in providing products like notary seals and supplies, corporate seals and suppliers. For the people on the go, order professional engineer(pe) seal embossers.

About ACORN Sales Company :

They have been providing marking and identification supplies since 1964 in Richmond, VA. ACCORN Sales Company provides good quality notary public stamps. Their business is family owned and have been passing on our business since three generations.This online portal should be ventured by those who want to purchase date stamps. ACORN Sales Company specializes in custom rubber stamps, seals, embossers, monogram stamps, corporate kits, notary supplies professional seals, professional stamps, notary public seals and suppliers. They are one of the leading places to buy self inking address stamps.

Contact Information :

Address : ACORN Sales Company, Inc.

PO Box 6971

Richmond, VA 23230

Email : sales(at)acornsales(dot)com

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