WaterTrax Strengthens Wastewater Data Management Product Offering with Linko Data Systems Acquisition

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) February 18, 2015

WaterTrax is pleased to announce our recent acquisition of Linko Data Systems, the leading supplier of Industrial Pretreatment, Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) and Liquid Hauled Waste software to municipal utilities in the United States.

WaterTrax offers a suite of cloud-based data management software products to help water and wastewater utilities manage water quality data to ensure regulatory compliance and operational excellence. Linko Data Systems offers a complementary range of software solutions and services that address regulatory compliance needs at municipal wastewater treatment plants including Industrial Pretreatment, FOG and Liquid Hauled Waste. In combination, WaterTrax and Linko now provide a complete suite of water and wastewater software tools serving the compliance, bylaw and ordinance enforcement and water quality data management needs, with a strong market share of industry leading clients across North America.

“The addition of Linko Data Systems brings a great deal of subject matter expertise to our team. We are excited to expand our product offering to include to Industrial Pretreatment, FOG and Liquid Hauled Waste,” explains Lance Neale, CEO of WaterTrax. “We believe that there is a lot of synergy between the two product lines and our people in Vancouver and Denver. In the municipal market,where the need to provide automated data management is growing, the WaterTrax + Linko team is well situated to make leading-edge improvements in the lives of our existing and future clients.”

Our clients can continue to expect the highest levels of client service and quality products from both WaterTrax and Linko. Both WaterTrax and Linko pride themselves on having exceptional customer relationships. Our clients have been telling us that Industrial Pretreatment, FOG and Liquid Hauled Waste are areas where WaterTrax could provide a more comprehensive solution. This feedback helped drive this acquisition, bringing together two companies whose goals are to provide our clients with the tools they need to achieve data management optimization. This positioning of water and wastewater industry knowledge and technological expertise will allow us to create innovative solutions across our product lines to ensure that our clients meet the challenges faced by regulatory and agency demands.

With offices in Denver, Colorado and Vancouver, British Columbia, our team of leaders in the water and wastewater industry are excited to come together to utilize our strengths and capabilities for our clients.


Media Contact

Sheena Graham

Marketing Coordinator


e. communications(at)watertrax(dot)com

t. 1-866-812-2233

About WaterTrax®

WaterTrax offers a centralized, cloud-based solution to meet all water and wastewater data management, monitoring and regulatory compliance needs. Established in 2000, WaterTrax has a growing client list of more than 125 leading municipalities and agencies that manage over 4000 water and wastewater systems across North America.

About Linko Data Systems

Linko Data Systems is the leading supplier of Industrial Pretreatment, FOG and Liquid Hauled Waste software to municipal agencies across North America. Since 1996 nearly 400 Industrial Pretreatment; Fats, Oil & Grease and Hauled Waste Software customers across the nation chose Linko for their industry leading software, vast implementation experience and unmatched support.

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Implementix Adds New App for Rebranding Signage to its Brand Management Software Portfolio

Denver, CO (PRWEB) November 18, 2014

Implementix continues to add to its portfolio of brand management software, ix Technology Solutions, with the release of the ix Conversion app for signage.

The ix Conversion app for signage was recently used to manage a bank rebranding project in Colorado. After Centennial Bank acquired branches from Mutual of Omaha Bank, all bank signage was converted over the weekend of October 25, 2014, including ATMs, outdoor signage on buildings and surrounding areas, and window graphics. When employees and customers arrived at the banks first thing Monday morning, the branches opened as Centennial Bank.

While the actual removal of old signs and installation of new signs occurred over the weekend, the conversion process started weeks earlier. The ix Conversion app managed hundreds of tasks performed by multiple vendors to change out signage. For the 50 different types of outdoor signage, the tasks included fabrication, permit approval, removal of old signs, installation of new signs, electrical hookups for new signs, patches and painting, and road closures.

“Using the new ix Conversion app, the signage project was completed quickly and under budget, like all of our projects. At any point in time, we could see the status of each task, like sign fabrication and sign removal, and track the performance of an individual vendor. Our client had access to the same information, so they always knew the status of the rebranding,” said Scott McLean, CEO of Implementix.

About Implementix

Implementix is a nationwide rebranding company that streamlines complex brand implementation projects to help corporations complete brand rollouts on time and on budget. Whether launching a new brand or rebranding after a merger or acquisition, Implementix provides project management services, ensuring the new brand identity looks professional in the marketplace. The Denver-based company works with national, regional and local companies in industries such as hospitality, telecommunications and cable/satellite, healthcare, financial services, food and beverage, and energy. To learn more about Implementix, visit http://www.implement-ix.com.

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ALA Urges Reconsideration of Texas Ethics Rule Prohibiting Titles for Non-Lawyer Management Positions

Lincolnshire, IL (PRWEB) June 16, 2014

The Association of Legal Administrators, an organization representing 9,000 professionals who lead the strategic business operations of law firms and law departments worldwide, has joined with several other legal business associations to call for a reconsideration of a Texas State Bar ethics decision that prohibits the use of certain titles for non-lawyer management positions.

The Ethics Committee’s decision states a Texas firm may not use “officer” or “principal” in job titles for non-lawyer employees of the firm, arguing that doing so gives the impression of non-lawyers exerting control or influence over the work of lawyers, a violation of the rules of professional conduct.

ALA, along with is co-signatories, argued that the Committee’s interpretation does not help to advance the intent of the rules of professional conduct, as roles such as “Chief Technology Officer, or “Chief Executive Officer” do not exercise any control or influence over the manner in which lawyers conduct work on behalf of clients. These roles are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of law firm operations and have little or no interaction with client matters.

The associations argue that the Opinion fails to account for the functional roles assumed by these positions and instead focuses exclusively on the title itself. Firms of all sizes employ Chief Administrative Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Technology Officers, and similar positions. These roles provide vital services to law firms, but do not control or influence the way lawyers conduct their professional activities or convey equity interest in the firm.

The groups also noted that the Opinion is contrary to current trends in law firm management and argued its enforcement will impede law firms from from recruiting and retaining professionals with the skills and experience necessary in today’s legal environment, creating greater risk for both the firms and their clients.

“The decade ahead will be shaped by powerful economic, political, technological, environmental and socio-demographic global forces, which underscores the necessity for new thinking and large-scale change to serve a rapidly changing world,” the letter stated.

The associations signing on to the letter were: Association of Legal Administrators, American Association of Law Libraries, International Legal Technology Association, International Practice Management Association and the Legal Marketing Association.

For full text of the letter, please contact Gwen Biasi at the Association of Legal Administrators at gbiasi(at)alanet(dot)org or 847-267-1252.

# # #

About the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA)

ALA is is focused on the delivery of cutting-edge management and leadership products and services to the global legal community. It identifies and provides solutions to the most critical strategic and operational challenges its members and customers face today, and prepares them for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow. For more information on ALA, visit http://alanet.org.

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