Five Question Quiz to find Workplace Communication Problems Published by Sensitivity, Sexual Harassment and Diversity Training Firm

ATLANTA (PRWEB) April 01, 2015

Deena Pargman, Ph.D., founder and CEO of DB Pargman Consulting LLC, expands service offerings to include workplace communication skills training and consulting. To highlight the expanded service offerings, DB Pargman Consulting LLC published a five question “You Might Have an Office Communication Problem If . . . .” quiz.

After fifteen years of experience providing one-on-one and group diversity, sensitivity, and anti-harassment training, Dr. Pargman shares, “We are often initially called to respond to a sexual harassment or diversity related urgent situation, but once the crisis is addressed, the client wants to know what else can be done to prevent the next crisis.”

According to Dr. Pargman, the sexual harassment or diversity complaint that makes its way to human resources is often a symptom of some other communication or personality conflict. Dr. Pargman shares, “after we deal with the off-color joke or inappropriate comment, a separate underlying issue often rears its head and much of the time, it involves communication skills.”

As the nation’s leading provider of Harassment Prevention and Sensitivity Training for over fifteen years, Dr. Pargman has identified a pattern: most of the sexual harassment or diversity situations she sees do not involve a blatant sexual advance, groping, or racist epithet. Rather, the majority of the situations, according to Dr. Pargman, involve an attempt to level a playing field or address a power imbalance by an aggrieved, marginalized, or offended employee or co-worker. Dr. Pargman shares her experience that very often, the marginalization or offense is a function of poor communication or a lack of communication – and that, she says, can be fixed through skill building.

To assist human resource professionals, office managers, and business owners, Dr. Pargman offers the following five question quiz to help identify systemic office communication problems:

(1)    “There’s Never a Good Time or Place” Does it seem like there is never a good time or place to talk about certain issues important to the company? If everyone is so busy that there is never a good time or place to talk, then there is probably a systemic communication problem.

(2)    “That’s What They Always Say” Do people feel a supervisor or company message is “always the same old story”? If “the same old story” is replacing meaningful dialogue, then there is likely a systemic communication problem.

(3)    “I’ll Just Keep It To Myself” Have people come to the conclusion that it is best to just keep their mouth shut, do the job and not talk about it? If people are are not willing to talk about problems, then there is a systemic communication problem.

(4)    “No Truth to Power” Do people feel they cannot raise important issues with supervisors, management, or the powers that be? If the office has a culture where people do not feel comfortable raising issues up the hierarchy, there is a systemic communication problem.

(5)    “I’ll Get You” Do people walk around waiting for an opportunity to get back at someone or settle the score? If so, then there is definitely have a systemic communication problem in the office.

Dr. Pargman warns, “When systemic communication problems in an organization go unaddressed, they become ticking time-bombs that will blow up at a later date, often in the form of a harassment complaint or other incident.” Dr. Pargman points to tragedies outside of traditional HR issues: “When investigators study crashes, accidents, explosions and other workplace disasters, far too often it is revealed that someone in the organization had certain information that could have prevented a tragedy, but for some reason the information never made it to where it needed to go.”

“The good news,” according to Pargman, is “systemic communication problems in an organization can be addressed with a small amount of training.” Pargman points out that most organizations spend piles of money and energy on WHAT they do, setting goals, and trying to hit numbers, but few organizations give much thought as to HOW they will communicate as they do it. “A little bit of education can go a long way to helping people avoid communication disasters and improve performance and productivity at the same time.”

To celebrate and highlight the expansion of services, DB Pargman launched a new website at    The website’s main page slider changes from a scene of a worker leaping across a chasm in intense orange colors, to a playful sandbox, and finally to a blue sky and balloons to represent the three areas of services the company provides: (1) responding to crisis, (2) helping people deal with conflict, and (3) helping people and organizations optimize performance.

DB Pargman Consulting LLC is the nation’s leading provider of One-on-One Executive and Group Sensitivity and Harassment Prevention Training. When a sexual harassment, diversity, communication or other complaint occurs involving a valuable employee or executive, DB Pargman provides prompt and remedial responses for companies facing harassment and diversity sensitivity complaints. To help prevent harassment before it occurs, DB Pargman provides best in class preventative Group Anti-Harassment Training Programs and Communication Skills Training Programs. Headquartered in Atlanta, DB Pargman Consulting LLC serves a national client base of medium to large size companies, educational institutions, and government agencies.

U.S. News, Best Lawyers Rank Upchurch Watson White & Max as Tier 1 Firm in 3 Metro Areas

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (PRWEB) November 14, 2014

Dispute resolution is the only thing Upchurch Watson White & Max does, and the group was recognized with “Tier 1” rankings for its mediation and arbitration services in and around three Southeastern U.S. cities earlier this month by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers.

Although not technically a law firm, UWWM comprises a panel of attorney/mediators who no longer practice law but who practice dispute resolution disciplines, such as arbitration and mediation, that are being described as “alternative” less frequently with time.

“Tier 1 rankings are determined through a firm’s overall evaluation, which is derived from a combination of your clients’ impressive feedback, the high regard that lawyers in other firms have for your firm, in addition to the information provided to us by your firm through the Law Firm Survey,” says Rebekah Fasel, Legal Media Specialist for Best Lawyers.

The rankings, published in U.S. News-Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms 2015” are only the latest Best Lawyers recognition Upchurch Watson White & Max and its panel members have received.

UWWM Principal Rodney A. Max learned earlier this year that he is the Best Lawyers Lawyer of the Year 2015 for mediation in not only the Birmingham metro, but also the Miami area. The news was repeated this month with a different twist in a special section included in The Miami Herald and selected Florida editions of The Wall Street Journal.

For the full list of Best Lawyers Florida 2015 (reflecting peer surveys conducted in the Fort Myers, Miami, Tampa and West Palm Beach areas), please visit In it, Mr. Max is recognized for Alternative Dispute Resolution. For Best Lawyers’ list of Lawyers of the Year from the same Florida areas, please visit


A nationally leading mediation specialty firm, Upchurch Watson White & Max is known for facilitating reasonable agreements to resolve complex issues. From eight offices in Florida and Alabama, Supreme Court certified attorney mediators with wide-ranging specialties serve as court-appointed and privately employed mediators, arbitrators and third-party neutral case managers, implementing innovative methods of alternative dispute resolution across the country. On the Web:

Top 50 Dutch Law Firm, Ploum Lodder Princen, selects NetDocuments

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 11 November 2014

Ploum Lodder Princen, a premier law firm in The Netherlands, has completed extensive due diligence to upgrade and modernise technology across the firm, and has chosen NetDocuments for their document management solution. The firm sought out a modern solution that would allow them to continue offering exceptional service to their clients, while lightening the technology footprint at the firm. NetDocuments simplifies the firm’s complex requirements through secure collaboration and features that will improve the way the firm manages its documents and emails.

Ploum Lodder Princen services a large core of industries including insurance, health, digital business, intellectual property, and energy. With a vast portfolio of industry requirements, the firm’s need to adopt a solution to facilitate document management capabilities firm-wide was an essential requirement. “We handle so many documents with varying levels of security and sophisticated access requirements that we needed a solution to make it easy for our attorneys and staff to collaborate internally and externally,” said Ewa Krysmann, ICT Manager at Ploum Lodder Princen. “NetDocuments is the modern, cloud-based platform that proved it was capable of handling all of our requirements.”

Modern legal technology adoption across Europe is increasing as security concerns rise and specialized cloud-based applications become commonplace, especially for critical applications like document and email management. NetDocuments’ above-industry standards for document security are attracting law firms like Ploum Lodder Princen, along with the global 100 and Am Law 100 due to the mobility and accessibility that are inherent in the NetDocuments service. “Ploum Lodder Princen prides themselves on being an agile law firm and in NetDocuments they have selected an agile DMS solution to effectively modernise technology initiatives within the firm,” said Matt Duncan, CEO of NetDocuments. “We are excited to be part of Ploum Lodder Princen’s technology processes by becoming their premier service provider of secure document and email management.”

NetDocuments is internationally recognized for its secure solution of internal and external document management collaboration. Since 1999, they have been providing law firms and other organizations a secure, compliant, collaborative, and mobile document management solution that is accessible anywhere and on any device.

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