SEO Strategists at S&S Pro Services LLC Promote High-Quality Content for Clients in Response to Google’s Penguin Update

Sterling, CO (PRWEB) September 12, 2014

Although Google released its Penguin update a while ago, countless web-based businesses are still seeking help from marketing strategists; the new algorithm effectively weeds out link schemes and negative SEO content pages, but it also renders a significant number of trustworthy and legitimate websites useless. As commentator Chuck Price notes on Search Engine Watch, Matt Cutts gave web developers a fair amount of warning (back in 2012) that the Penguin update would be “jarring and jolting” –- especially if a business’ page was affected by Penguin in any of the subsequent updates it has released in the past year in addition to the first major update.

While some web-based businesses are still struggling, search engine marketing specialists such as S&S Pro Services LLC are focusing on Penguin’s ability to filter out pieces of negative SEO and unnatural linking.

While some web-based businesses are still in “tears of despair,” search engine marketing specialists such as S&S Pro Services are focusing on Penguin’s ability to filter out pieces of negative SEO and unnatural linking. By providing clients with high quality pieces of content and a complex system of distribution across social media platforms and websites run by publishing partners, S&S Pro Services ensures that updates, such as Penguin, do not negatively impact the websites of their clients.

Price advises in his article that “it is time to permanently end the bad practices that may have worked well in the past… Instead, focus on post-penalty marketing activities that conform to Webmaster Guidelines.” The advantage that clients of S&S Pro Services have, in this case, is the fact that they don’t have to wonder if their pre-Penguin pages of content were created with illegitimate techniques, or worry that these pages have been negatively affected by Penguin.

CEO of S&S Pro Services Steven Smith notes that the Penguin algorithm is a “welcome change for the SEO industry” and for marketing strategists who believe in creating content that abides by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. “The update aligns with our core services and philosophies for helping our clients achieve good search results,” Smith states.

“Websites that have high quality content that is fresh and relevant is the key, and we use only the best content writers who deliver high quality information. This information is useful for the end consumer and, therefore, our clients’ content gets shared frequently. Linking to other high-quality content from relevant sites is important too; gone are the days of linking to low-quality content and achieving top search results.”

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