First Harvest Financial Partners in Launch of Legal Medical Cannabis Documentary Initiative

Robert McCann, Director of Business Development

First Harvest Financial, a leading educational firm in the legal medical cannabis space, created a web-based resource where legal cannabis startups can interact with corporate executives, serial entrepreneurs and technology accelerators. First Harvest Financial brings together visionary entrepreneurs and medical marijuana advocates looking to strategically enter and capitalize on growing and creating therapeutic cannabis based solutions. Their vision is to improve the quality of life for patients who are dependent on medical cannabis therapies.

Cannavoices, Inc., a premier legal medical cannabis digital media company, launched “Cannavoices,” an unprecedented digital video that set out to investigate this perplexing and highly controversial topic and share their findings in a documentary. Their initiative aims to be the largest and most dynamic collection of legal medical cannabis stories ever assembled.

Cannavoices, Inc. announced earlier this month its early stages of an expansion into the legal medical cannabis media space. They have chosen to partner with First Harvest Financial due to their unprecedented ability to enhance knowledge and understanding about the history and culture of cannabis.

First Harvest Financial is comprised of a talented leadership team that has extensive experience in leading organizations to high-growth within industries such as marketing, finance and technology. Together the firm leaders have over 75 years of experience and nearly 50 industry partners and networks, as well as over 200 social media networks where anyone can be part of the conversation about innovative therapies that are being developed.

First Harvest Financial provides the unique opportunity for like-minded strategic partners to come together and work toward achieving market dominance. They specialize in providing mentorship, guidance and funding.

“First Harvest is a private equity firm that invests in ancillary medical cannabis related companies. We’re primarily made up of over 20 investment advisors that have collectively raised, managed, and advised in excess of 475 million dollars,” said Robert McCann, Director of Business Development of First Harvest Financial. “But what’s really unique about the First Harvest family is most of the team has been familiar with each other for the last 20 years. We all have some type of health story whether it’s a family member or loved one that could’ve had improved health if medical cannabis were fully legalized.”

First Harvest Financial believes that our society will continue to voice the necessary shift in cannabis prohibition laws since the need for holistic therapies hits close to home for so many families.

“There’s a potential to create great value and wealth in this space, but that’s not what drives the First Harvest team. What really drives the First Harvest team is compassion. We see an opportunity to re-purpose our skill sets in a manner that, beyond capitalism, could actually improve the quality of life for millions of patients,” said McCann.

Most doctors know little or nothing about medical cannabis. However, this is changing in the United States in part because the public is demanding it and also because new scientific research concludes the benefits of medical marijuana.

“We have barely even scratched the surface because it’s been so hard to do any research,” said Dr. Gregory L. Smith, M.D., M.P.H. “These new companies that are funding research and funding growth so they can do their own research are vital to the next phase of medical marijuana.”

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