Solacom to showcase new NG9-1-1 capabilities at NENA2015

Solacom Technologies, the leading NG9-1-1 systems manufacturer, will showcase the latest Guardian call taking software at the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) conference and expo on June 29-30, in Denver, Colorado.

Guardian Intelligent Workstations equipped with the new software will allow call takers at public safety answering points to use one multi-media user interface panel for all types of text-based calls, including:

    Text-to-911 calls using SIP MSRP (Session Initiation Protocol – Message Session Relay Protocol)
    Outgoing PSAP-to-SMS (Short Message Service)
    TDD/TTY text calls (telecommunication device for the deaf/text telephone)
    Handling of a silent call with DTMF (dual tone multi-frequency)
    Instant messaging, including file exchange, with supervisors and colleagues

A unique multi-media user interface panel presents one simplified window to manage several types of texting and includes a session list that identifies the type of session and highlights the current active session. The Solacom multi-media Text 9-1-1 function is available now and will be delivered with the upcoming implementation of a statewide NG9-1-1 solution in Vermont.

In addition to supporting the latest Next Generation 9-1-1 method of receiving text calls via SIP MSRP, the Guardian system can also be configured for PSAPs that use either a Web Page (HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol) or TTY to receive Text-to-911 calls.

The new Solacom software adds several other system features including supplemental ALI (Automatic Location Information) notes that are associated with the call back number of a caller, and audible alerts when a caller that has been placed on hold hangs up.

The Solacom solution has an IP-based architecture that meets existing i3 specifications developed by the National Emergency Number Association, and is capable of evolving as those specifications are further developed.

“As part of our core philosophy we continually strive to bring value and innovation to our customers, so we are very pleased to release the latest Guardian technology that supports multiple means of communicating with 9-1-1 and simultaneously helps call takers deal with the variety and volume of information brought about by the implementation of Next Generation 9-1-1,” said Pierre Plangger, Solacom CEO.

About Solacom

Solacom Technologies builds some of the world’s most reliable critical communications systems that integrate Voice, Video and Data to deliver advanced IP-based interoperability solutions for public safety 9-1-1, security and other mission critical applications. With a legacy of innovation in air traffic control and public safety, our engineers have pioneered many industry advances over the past 30 years. For more information visit